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Teaching your Teen to drive Blog

Teaching your Teen to drive

driving school
Elite driving academy your Formerly known as b safe driving school  PLANNING DRIVING LESSONS WITH YOUR TEEN
It is important to plan practice sessions. The more structured driving practice your teen experiences, the safer he or she will be after getting a
license. We have included a driving log at the end of this handbook to
help you keep track of practice sessions.
At the beginning of each driving session, make sure your child understands the lesson goals and reviews skills from previous lessons. It is helpful to remember the driving situations your teen has experienced and
gradually work in new ones. Make sure bad habits such as failing to signal,
sloppy turns, speeding, sudden changes in speed and lack of alertness are
not forming. 
Your job is to provide a safe environment and encourage your teen to
practice safe driving procedures. The following are useful tips to help you coach your teen.
Be Patient.  When you introduce a new skill, guide the new driver throughtwo or three practice trials. Then allow the driver to perform the taskwithout assistance. If the driver makes a mistake, repeat the lesson andguide them again step by step. Remember that a simple right-turninvolves several steps--checking mirrors, signaling, checking blind areas,braking, positioning, checking for traffic before the turn, steering andrecovery. To expect a beginner to follow all of these correctly during theearly sessions may be asking too much.           

Be Clear. Give directions well in advance and always use the sameterms. For instance, don't say “accelerator” and then “gas pedal.” Tellwhere the action will take place and then describe the action. For example: "At the next stop sign, turn right." Use the word "right" to mean adirection only. In confirming a question, say, "That is correct." This willprevent confusion. 
Be Alert. Some beginners may give the impression of being in control butmay, in reality, be unable to handle any sudden changes in conditions.They rely on you for guidance and even assistance in control. You should always anticipate problems and be ready to react. Do not eat, read or listen to music while coaching a new driver. Sit in a position that allows you to place your left hand on the steering wheel to guide the beginner, if necessary. Monitor traffic ahead, to the sides and behind the vehicle
while observing your teen’s driving. Always check the mirrors before giving directions.

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