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Nearly twice as many unrestrained youths die in car
crashes than those who
wear safety belts. Twenty five percent of drivers who
die as a result of speeding
are under age 20. And
more than 20 percent of
teens killed in traffic crashes die in alcohol-related crashes. These statistics show the need to increase teen awareness about the potentially fatal
results of unsafe and irresponsible driving behavior. It is important that
you and your teen discuss these bad actions so that he or she is aware of
the consequences of irresponsible behavior. Also use the parent-teen
driving agreement on page 33 to make rules you can both live with.
Wearing safety belts
Wearing safety belts can double your child's chances of surviving a crash and more than
double his or her chances of
avoiding serious injury. In
Virginia, in the year 2000, 60
percent of teens killed were
not wearing their safety belts.
Virginia law requires that drivers and front seat passengers use safety belts when traveling in a vehicle.
And anyone under the age of 16 must wear a safety belt, regardless of
where seated. Make sure your teen understands that the number of safety
belts determines the number of passengers. And belts should be worn
properly with the lap belt low on the lap and against the thighs and the
shoulder belt over the shoulder and across the chest. The shoulder and
lap belts should be snug. Improper use of seat belts may increase injury if
a crash occurs. 

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This is a good idea! I'm not a teenager anymore, but still my mother doesn't have any trust in me when it comes in this kind of issue. Maybe because I am her only child and she only wants to protect me. The important topics to discuss with your child is a great topic and this is the main reason why my mother doesn't want me to have a car. But this is a nice blog to share with everybody.

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At first, I don't really think that age can be a significant factor when it comes to road accidents. But after reading this article, I've realized that age can be a sensitive topic when it comes to driving problems or issues. The 25 percent of fatal accidents which are composed of people who are under 20 years old is an alarming news. Our government should be really strict on providing license to minors. These minors should have a enough training to be a safe and responsible driver.

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